So… Tandem biking. That is one of few things that should be done in two’s. Sex is another thing, which should even be done more than two. Not that I would know! Never done that. I’m a threesome virgin. But I’m losing the point, kind of always.

Anyways… Tandem biking. I was in Denmark end of last summer. Not a good sporting country (except for Brian Nielsen), but damn, Copenhagen has to be the best cycling capital of the world.

I was visiting a “friend” I hadn’t seen for some time. Sweet girl. She once shaved my pubic hair. Very erotic. My boner was in the way for quite some time. But we went on a tandem bike ride. She had got it last summer from an old man, who was clearly too old to be doing the whole tandem thing anymore. For your satisfaction! And mine. Ever seen two old people make the love? Oohaah. Yeah, let’s not go there. Sounds to me you’ve already peed on the floor. Yeah, my point exactly!

I had never been to Copenhagen before… All I can say, it was beautiful! On a tandem bike none the less, and in the back seat. I saw everything that was worth seeing. Christiania… Heard they “shut” it down now. Not THEY! But the people living there. Something about the government wanted to develop it. All I can say is government sucks balls! We all know that. We elect someone we think is gonna work for us, and they end up doing exactly the opposite we elected them for. Suck balls. Go for the hairy ones!